With a Young Living business you can:

  • Get your products paid for
  • Be your own boss and have more time with your family
  • Earn up to six-figures a year (You will see so many REAL examples of this on our team! Truly inspiring!)
  • Work alongside an amazing community of women leaders and entrepreneurs, men too!
  • Earn an income that is a direct result of your own efforts and hard work
  • Grow real wealth and residual income through the well established business model of network marketing





If you are passionate, team spirited, self-motivated, and looking to make a real change towards financial freedom, our community would love to welcome you to the team! We have all the resources and tools you need to start growing your very own Young Living Essential Oil business including graphics and photos free for you to use, premade oils classes for you to teach, ongoing trainings and education, and best of all, a vast community of support and friendship. It’s truly so much fun to work alongside these women and celebrate each others successes no matter how big or small! It really does matter who you sign up with!




How much does it cost to join Young Living?

Simply purchase a premium starter kit. It comes with 12 of the most popular oils, a diffuser of your choice, and access to all of our team resources and exclusive online communities. It costs $165. There are also 5 other kits to choose from. 

Multi level marketing makes me nervous, is this a scam?

A scam is “a dishonest scheme or fraud”. There is nothing fraudulent about a MLM. Everything about the business structure is forthcoming & honest. When
you take a look at their compensation plan, you can see where each of your dollars go.

When you are purchasing anything from any MLM, what you are doing is not only supporting the company that made a product, but you’re also supporting
your friend.

You’re buying local. You’re helping pay for a child’s clothing & food for a family. You’re supporting families that you know & so many that you don’t!

An MLM uses the costs that a company would normally use for marketing & gives it to families so they can build their own dreams & create a business for
themselves. It is so far beyond paying big bucks to top level execs, but gives everyone an opportunity to create an income for themselves!

Do I have to carry inventory, take out a loan or ship products to people?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Any one of those things would’ve been a total deal breaker for me. Young Living takes care of everything for you. All you need to do is help
people get signed up via your referral link. Once members create their account, they order directly through YL and you make commissions. What other business
can you think of that doesn’t require any start up costs or inventory and offers a customized website all free of charge?!

So how much are people actually earning with a Young Living business?

How much you earn in your Young Living business is entirely up to you. Some members are content to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month, while others
are looking to earn six-figure incomes and beyond. Again, my favorite part is that when those above and below you succeed, you succeed too! It’s definitely a
team effort and you never feel like a salesperson out there alone.

Click here for our income disclosure, last updated in 2018. Our team is all about helping you reach your goals, whether that be to hit Silver in 6 months, or reach
Diamond in 3 years. We have the tools you need to succeed and women who have gone before you and done exactly that!!


We rise by lifting others 







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